The Writer

If I Must

If I must fall in love

then I would

pick you

You’re very beautiful

might I say

Could even make

an interesting two

So what if we lie

No ones perfect

not even I


an interesting couple

until the day we die

A man must I love

well I’ll

settle for you

Not perfect

not handsome

ridiculously untrue

But if I must

fall in love

I’d rather pick you

A man must I love?

Then it’s you

It’s you

Someone’s Telling Me

Someones telling me 

to slow down

but it is my fix 

I need

Nothing will stop me

when I need it

Nothing can keep

him from me

I know it is wrong 

to feel this way

but it is this fix 

this desire that has me

returning each day

got me laying on my back

hopping in and out his sack

keeps me forgetting

what it is I should do

got me chasing


feeling blue


someones saying

slow it down to me

but it is my fix

my man I need

I Live Within The Pages

I live within the pages

Naked I hide behind

The words

As your eyes scan sentences

I leap spaces

To hide behind black text

Going to sleep

only when the book is closed

Awaking when

it is reopened again

I once lived as you

Able to flip through the pages

But all that no longer matters

I am trapped now

Finding myself

Repeating the same episode

once the book

is reopened

Go To A Place

Go to a place within your mind

Where only I can exist

Feel my presence

see my essence

desire yourself 

between my hips

I want you

which is why

I appear here

each night

you want me

desire so strong 

drawn in

you can’t help

but to

each night

Screams Of A Bullet

Has a bullet 

Ever  screamed  you name?

Through a crowd of onlookers

passed a few

turning in other faces

until it glimpsed you


all others meant nothing

for you 

are the one

it wanted

stalked, ran down

even haunted

stopping at nothing

to catch your eye

traveling at light speed

to see you die


who literally caused it

to pass others for your death

so that it may be the cause

for your inhaled last breath

have you?

heard this sound

which of I speak

that to see your splattered blood

for you it seeks

that sound has it

ask yourself

been there in your nightmares

while something you feel is watching

unaware somewhere

a bullet… stares